Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Inspiration of art books from the Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library is a wonderful resource for inspiration. These three images came from books I checked out from the library, only I couldn't tell you now what the books were. The blocky image of the two children holding hands and the slightly Mesopotamian figure wearing the leaf shift were taken from a graphic novel I didn't bother reading, only flipping through the pages and thinking why would someone attempt to tell such a confusing story. 

As I remember, the artist and writer don't stick in my mind well, but I do remember finding the artwork crude, the coloring basically green and greyish throughout, and something eerie about these images caused me to copy them down in my sketchbook. The child's face in the lower right seemed to express the discomfort the other images brought me, but I think that was based on a photograph. Unfortunately I don't remember the details very well.

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