Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anime Dancer - sketchbook

This is a direct copy from a Jump manga I owned. Unfortunately I don't read Japanese so I have no idea who the artist is, although this reminds me of the work of Ai Yazawa. I can't find reference to work she did for Jump manga, so it could be someone else working in a similar vein of stories about  Rock personalities and fashion designers. I was very inspired how the hair was rendered and in my attempt to recreate the pattern, pretty soon I had marked out the entire image save one gloved hand which I just left off because I'd run out of page. The character who wore an eye patch through the whole story reminds me very much of Pete Burns who sang the iconic hit of the Eighties, "You Spin Me Around".

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anime Faces - sketchbook

I was beginning to see more and more anime drawing at this time, so naturally I made attempts to copy the style. Too often there is no direction or real focus when I attempt these, but often they can be satisfying if not complete. The female figure I guess was an attempt to examine how a head form can change from profile to 3/4 view. The figure below is clearly encountering some visual anomaly causing his collar to appear like stars and rectangles, while his legs are confused somehow. Next to that are preparatory marks for using dye markers, a la' the previous post. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kabuki Face - dye marker

I haven't worked much with dye markers, particularly because they are so expensive to purchase when you can get good ones, but occasionally I've found them at reasonable prices to invest with. These particular ones, a small selection of grays and browns, I purchased during an office supply close out sale I encountered while on vacation in Hawaii. Imagine!

The image is based on a black-and-white photograph an artist friend, Jason Berlin, took of a friend who was modeling unique makeup. I was taken by the grim facial expression she has on her face and therefore added the dripping red. Not many impulsive images come out so successfully from my sketchbook.