Saturday, January 30, 2010

Raphael's Sitting Cherub

This sketch is one of those sitting sculptures of a putti or winged cherub that were popular in the late eighties. I think I sketched this in the home of one of my art professors. It's kitsch.

Sketchbooks Project

I have over a dozen sketch books that I've filled over the past two decades sitting on my bookshelves here at home. My goal with this blog is to share some of the material. I say "some" because I believe most of it is interesting, some banal and much, well..."much" is an exaggeration..., let's just say enough is pornographic.

The pornographic stuff is only available by request. What I'll be showcasing here at Volpane is the tame material, although as I am an adult gay man, the frank depiction of things I find normal to draw (crotches, exaggerated bodies, and every idea coming into my head that I can jot down), you may not find to your liking.

My plan is to give each image a unique post here with a story why it ended up in my sketchbook. I'll let you decide if it is interesting or banal.  I encourage you to comment and engage me in some dialogue.  I like that kind of thing.