Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Underwear Model

Occasionally you get a hankering to depict something appealing, then as you put pencil to paper it takes on qualities of its own.  For some reason, this torso looks elongated and unrealistically wide, but I did get the pouch and butt right.  I often find myself stopped when things begin to go wrong.  I always suspected I'd return to these images and finish them and I may still.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Self Portrait circa 1987

One thing about considering oneself an artist, the mirror is always a ready model for observation and I have always been interested in how others see me.  This sketch is based on a photograph taken by a boyfriend, after sex; notice my slightly unfocused expression of self-satisfaction.  It is not easy for me to display this as it reveals more than it hides.  I kept this sketchbook private for many years simply because some of the material will never be appropriate for public display; but perhaps this is part of my own healing as a gay man that I can post these images here without worrying about the consequences.