Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Paper Doll" and the Manhattan Transfer

In high school a favorite vocal jazz group was The Manhattan Transfer (TMT).  They had two albums that I remember were popular and iconic of the early Eighties,  Extensions which was released in 1979 and Mecca for Moderns which was released in 1981. I sang along with these until it became part of the running soundtrack of my life. These album covers defined for me the "nouveau deco" style that appeared at that time.

Although I sketched this "paper doll" almost ten years later, I was thinking of the figures that appear on the "Extensions" album.  If you check it out under their discography you will see how the feet are rendered as simple cones, which always made me think of pen nibs.  This is why her feet are seemingly joined like a fountain pen, although I'd think she'd be difficult to grasp with those fins on the lower part of her dress.

Gee, I wonder if TMT ever recorded the song that the Mills Brothers made famous?

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