Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Egyptian Priestess

For some reason, I don't remember where this came from outside of what it appears to be.  I've always been interested in ancient Egyptian religion and so I suspect this could be an extrapolation from a conversation of what an Egyptian priestess might look like.  It is a decidedly campier version than I would do now as I know much more about ancient Egypt society than I did twenty years ago.  For example, I think that headdress was pretty much reserved for royalty.

Anyway, she certainly has an elongated face and looks more like one of my drag portraits than a woman. I might use this for a character design somewhere, so she may morph into something different. That collar and sholder wings are quite unique.  Hmm, that beltclip looks like clue.  Could this be a missing character from Paula and the Purple Rayz? I wonder?

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