Friday, November 12, 2010

More Theo Silliness at Cafe Press!

I was thinking this portrait of Theo would come out more conservative, but once I saw it in this hot pink all the memories of hot pink sweaters from the late Eighties came rushing back to me. Hideous, really, although somehow Theo seems to pull it off with aplomb.  She manages to express a unique combination of sophistication, world-weariness and relaxed irritation.  I'm glad that she does not haunt me anymore.  I've even put away my high heels and no longer have any desire to dress up and express myself this way.  But I have my memories and these pictures, although they are only sketches, which I can share with you.


  1. Nice! You could've gone into Fashion Illustration. Very professional looking!

  2. Thank you...of course, I can still realize that dream. What you say we partner on a fantasy fashion website? Post designs we've developed and allow people to vote on the designs by making donations for ones they want to see realized, when we've collected enough to realize the best ones, offer them for rental. People who donated would be invited to the catwalk show, it could be fabulous!