Sunday, September 11, 2011

Artist Signatures: Jon Macy

Jon Macy almost needs no introduction as his work is all I've been talking about for the past five years or so, well, when I'm not talking about my own stuff.  He's published his adaptation Teleny and Camille was awarded a coveted Lambda Literary award this spring for erotica.  He's now working on his four part series Fearful Hunter, a fantasy featuring Druids and Werewolves. He drew the above portrait of his two protagonists Oisin and Byron for me at the Emerald City Comicon this spring. Below is the Wolf Master, who I've been pestering Jon to depict for me for some time. Hunky, isn't he!


  1. Thank you for posting these images as I don't have these drawings. You rock Mr Kibler. Your piece in the Dirty Comics show is amazing and I can't wait to see the reaction.

  2. You are certainly most welcome, Mr. J. Thank you so much for drawing them for me. I kinda want to print the first image up as a valentine card. I'm so excited about the Dirty Comics show. It should rawk!