Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Collage: First Love

Here is one of several collages I did in collaboration with my upstairs neighbor at the Huntington Arms in Seattle. We became friends partly because we shared an interest in collage. This collage consists primarily of images she choose. I think the only image I added to her selection was the postcard portrait of a young Truman Capote.

Many of my collages from this time contain religious imagery combined with sexuality.  This is perhaps the tamest of the images I've done in this project, although my intention was not to be specifically profane.  My only wish was that the text which informs the images was a lot larger.  So I've recreated the image with some resized text.

Collage as an art form began in the late nineteen hundreds when print media first began to become plentiful. At that point photography had not translated to print media, so most imagery was based on engravings and woodblock printing. Since the early part of the twentieth century it became a medium that influenced many famous artists including Picasso and Max Ernst.

Before college I really only considered it a craft activity like scrap-booking. In college I really had no clue how to use it effectively as art, but I am surprised at the specific images I created.  Now I use it as a way to explore relationships between images and and words, although copyright law makes it near impossible to market anything I create.

Note: These images may be protected under copyright law. If you are a legal owner of any images used here and do not wish them to be used in this way please contact me directly.  

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