Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sylvia in Wonderland

My all time favorite books are the two Alice books by Lewis Carroll aka the Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, so it was only with time that I'd think of injecting it into Loren & Sylvia.  Afterall, another of Carroll's novels was called Sylvie and Bruno, but the truth of the matter is this:

I originally attempted drawing the Disney version of Alice for the 1951 animated film.  Kathy had come across it in my sketchbook and made the astute observation that it looked like Sylvia from our comicbook.  That naturally lead me to attempt more adaptations of characters from our story.

This is a foiled attempt at drawing Wayo as the hookah-smoking caterpillar.  Only he came out more like a preying mantis.  I didn't like this version so I did another following a more traditional interpretation of the character.

Somehow this one is even less satisfying, but it does follow the Disney version somewhat.  The Persian shoes with turned up toes seem to have migrated his way.  And I think those claw like things on his chest are supposed to be multiple arms the caterpillar would have along his trunk.

Of course that lead to more characters: Genise as the white rabbit, Erie as the mad hatter and perhaps a lesser known character, the mock turtle, portrayed by Spencer.  I guess Todd would be the griffen, perhaps Jared would be the Red Queen and I'd want Loren to be the cheshire cat.  I so thought Sterling Holloway did a wonderfully fey version of the cat.  And Sylvia of course is Alice, but that says something about her character, what with all the temptations of bottles that say, "Drink Me".


  1. An interesting Sketch/Story. Thanks for providing it.

  2. Certainly. :)

    I do have to say posting these stories are bringing up a lot of old emotions. It is hard not to fall back on old tropes that I've resolved to rid myself of when the emotions seem so unresolved. And looking through old sketchbooks is making me realize just how much material I created for this project. I kept working on it for several years, even though I'd nearly lost all support of my creative partner.