Thursday, April 8, 2010

Maverick DeGable--in the style of "Loren and Sylvia"

This is one of my first original characters, although he is a sort of gay James Bond and I was inspired by an R. Crumb comic.  I drew this back when I was in college and had come out a few years before and was still exploring my gay identity.  I was thinking about the sorts of characters I wanted to read about and Maverick came up as a government spy who would infiltrate the more conservative factions and subvert the status quo.  This was long before "DADT" caused many military people to do similar things.  Unfortunately this is the extent of the character in my mind, so I never invented any adventures he would star in, but there is always a chance I could be inspired now.

Because I was drawing a lot of "Loren and Sylvia" stylized characters at the time it seemed reasonable to draw Mr. DeGable in a similar manner.  I will be posting more "Loren and Sylvia" sketches next and as I have now uncovered my archive of the comic, eventually I will be posting it here as a premium.

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