Sunday, September 2, 2018

Beginning a new sketchbook

My original purpose for setting up this blog was to post and develop ideas I'd recorded in my sketchbooks in the nineteen nineties. I managed to post my first sketchbook out of school, which I began in October of 1990. It had a black cover and didn't distinguish itself with decoration. After that first sketchbook I acquired several different sketchbooks that I began using more irregularly as the mood struck me. Also I began decorating and affixing stickers and "found" paper to the covers so I could more easily identify them.
Unfortunately at this time I still had not begun to date my sketches, so these posts will be vague as to when they occured. I was actively using two sketchbooks with similar covers but different dimensions. One measuring 8.5x11 is what I'm posting here, but the other much larger sketchbook is what I preferred using at the time, so there will be some parallels in the overall images.
That larger one is in storage somewhere and I've put off dealing with it, although it is the source of some good ideas. Because it is so large I would have to scan each page twice and stitch them back together in Photoshop, which has kept me from sharing its contents here. All the same, I loved that it was so big, great for working out ideas and capturing quick sketches.
So the images in this smaller sketchbook begin somewhere around the fall of 1990 and end closer to 1995, when I began planning my move back to Idaho for a year in '96. I'm going to have to see if there are any clues planted within the images, but I know I didn't enter anything significant after that point. I was onto working with even smaller sketchbooks by that time as they were easier to carry with me.
There are some interesting points about what ended up on the cover of this sketchbook. For one, you may notice a sticker for Dermagraphics, which was the tattoo parlor where Mark Mitchell, my tattoo artist, originally worked. I'd been thinking about getting that tattoo for many years before I got it done. Also there are several stickers for bands that were popular at the time, but the only one I was really a fan of was "They Might Be Giants", which shows you where my musical tastes generally lay.

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